Hey, I'm Dom Smith! (Founder)

The Story

Sickcall was officially founded in October 2017 as Sickcall LLC. We’re a tech startup based in Dallas Texas. I decided to create Sickcall after a frustrating experience I had at the ER. I took my girlfriend to the ER thinking she had a serious issue, when all she ended up needing was otc medicine. Her bill was 700+. From this, I thought it would be great to have a service that helps people navigate healthcare in the US.

The Big Picture

140 million people visit the E.R. every year in U.S. and 70% wait > 15 minutes. Around 40% are uninsured and use the E.R. as their primary source of healthcare. Sickcall aims to reduce the amount of people going to the E.R. for non-emergencies by providing an affordable, accessible, and accurate source of healthcare information. We believe that the more people who are informed about their health concerns, the less likely they'll go to the E.R.

About me

I attended Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD. There, my love for technology and entrepreneurship manifested. I had an internship at The NASA Goddard Space Flight Center when I started working on my last app Hiikey (pronounced Highkey). Hiikey was sponsered by VitaminWater, the drink brand before I eventually shut it down. I'm a self-taught programmer aside from the C++ course I took in College. Youtube & Google Search! Now, I'm focusing all my energy on the succes of Sickcall!


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns: